Supporting Ukraine

the People
of Ukraine

Like never before, you have a chance to make
a difference in someone’s life…

What we are doing

Humanitarian Aid

Distribution of food, medication, and other essentials for the people in Ukraine who have remained in their cities, and as a result are in grave and life-threatening need.

Rebuilding Effort

We are also focused on the longer term need of restoring and developing infrastructure including homes and businesses. We believe in the future of a free and prosperous Ukraine.

About Us

We are deeply rooted in Ukraine. In the early 2000’s, we returned to the land of our forefathers, and joined the struggle to create value by farming the fertile soils of Ukraine. It has not been easy, but it has been worth it. Today we have homes, businesses, and most importantly, a strong network of friends and family in this beautiful country.

On February 24, 2022, Ukraine was invaded. The suffering this has brought is immense. We are uniquely positioned to help with personnel, warehousing, and trucks in several relatively safe locations in central and western Ukraine.

We are helping with immediate needs and are also focused on the longer term need of restoring and developing infrastructure. We believe in the future of a free and prosperous Ukraine.


Yes, your donation will be tax deductible in accordance with CRA regulations. We are working through In2Action Foundation, which is a registered Canadian charity, CRA # 818254336 RR0001.

Our management cost is virtually zero. We do not collect administration fees, salaries, or any other form of profit or interest. Our expenses include only necessary registration fees, bank transaction charges, domain registration and hosting, etc. Nearly 100% of your donation will go towards the cause.

This project was born as an initiative of Roland Thiessen, Igor Makarov, and Lonny Thiessen. Both Roland and Igor together with their families spent the majority of the last year in Ukraine and stayed there up until only a few days before the war broke out. Our hearts are with our immediate family and close friends that stayed behind. We are doing all we can to help them and the many others in desperate need.

We have a network of close friends that are volunteering to get food and medicine to the areas where it is unavailable. Roland and Lonny have semi trucks ready to bring food and other essentials from neighboring EU countries as Ukraine is starting to run out of resources. 
Additionally, we are helping refugees with basic needs (food, shelter, clothing), transportation costs, resettlement support, and legal advise. 

UA Project Team

Roman Vyhovsky

Aid Contact | Korosten, Ukraine

Andriy Kibit

Aid Contact | Rivne, Ukraine

Anatoliy Holubets

Aid Contact | Bakumivka, Ukraine

Vlad Savchenko

Coordinator | Ukraine

Pavlo Savchenko

Finance | Ukraine

Serhiy Savchenko

Logistics | Ukraine

Roland Thiessen


Igor Makarov


Lonny Thiessen